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Things you should know about this offer:

  1. iPrimus Naked ADSL2+ is a superfast Broadband consumer-grade residential internet service. Actual speeds vary and may be affected by your location and equipment, the source of your download and the level of internet traffic.
  2. Not available in all areas or to all customers. Naked ADSL2+ is available only to eligible residential customers who are located in the area of an iPrimus ADSL2+ enabled exchange. iPrimus cannot at present provide this service on a Fast Transfer or to customers transferring from networks other than Telstra. If you contract with us to provide the service and subsequently relocate, we may not be able to provide you with the same offer and you may incur relocation and/or cancellation charges.
  3. Due to Naked ADSL2+ being available to only residential customers, the Unlimited data allowance is subject to the limitation that it is only to be used for residential (non-commercial) purposes. iPrimus may suspend or terminate a service if a customer is found to be using the services outside the purposes for which it is provided.
  4. You must have an existing active telephone service. You must not have complex services that do not allow ULL migration – i.e. SSS with another provider, or a Fax-DUET service. If your telephone service is with another provider, it will need to be transferred to iPrimus as part of the provisioning process and it is at this point were we will be able to determine whether Naked ADSL2+ can be provided to your address.
  5. Due to technical factors, Naked ADSL2+ service connection can take up to 20 days. During this time some customers may be without a Broadband connection. Those with a dial up modem can use dial up during this time. You must pay line rental on a pro rata basis and any call charges accrued until your Naked ADSL2+ service is connected at the standard rates applicable to the iPrimus Value Home Phone Plan (see
  6. Your home phone service will automatically be cancelled after the Naked ADSL2+ conversion is completed. If you cancel your phone service first, the Naked ADSL2+ conversion will fail. Once Naked ADSL2+ is connected you will not be able to maintain a home phone service on the line you elect to connect Naked ADSL2+. You will be unable to use services and equipment which require a telephone or dial-tone to operate (i.e fax and answering machines and back-to base alarms).
  7. Whilst some iPrimus Naked ADSL2+ services will maintain a dial-tone with access to call 000 emergency services (provided a corded handset is connected), others will not. Priority Assistance does not apply to Naked ADSL2+ services. iPrimus Naked ADSL2+ is not a standard telephone service and therefore the Customer Service Guarantee does not apply. A Naked ADSL2+ service alone is not recommended if you/another resident have a disability, serious illness or other life threatening condition necessitating an uninterrupted phone line. Non 000 outgoing calls are not able to be made and no incoming calls will be available unless you connect a VoIP service.
  8. You need an iPrimus approved ADSL2+ capable modem. A $12.95 modem delivery fee additional to the cost of your selected modem applies if you order a modem from us.
  9. Accounts must be paid by Direct Debit. If iPrimus allows you to pay by another method, a $2.95 per bill administration fee applies.
  10. Internet customers paying by direct debit will receive bills online through their iPrimus Account Toolbox. Internet customers paying by direct debit who request a paper bill by mail will be charged $2.50 per bill administration fee.
  11. As part of your plan you can obtain up to 5 iPrimus email addresses. Each mailbox is 10MB in size and you can send individual emails of up to 2MB per email.
  12. You have the flexibility to move between iPrimus Naked ADSL2+ plans without a plan change fee. An internal transfer fee may apply to existing iPrimus Broadband customers who move to Naked ADSL2+ and vice-versa.
  13. It is your responsibility to check the terms of any existing contract you may have with another supplier. If you are transferring a service to iPrimus, there may be consequences under an existing contract.
  14. iPrimus Standard Form of Agreement applies (see
  15. Should you cancel before the agreed minimum term ends, an early termination fee of $300.00 pro rated over the remaining months of your contract will apply.
  16. If you relocate, we may not be able to provide you with this Plan and you may incur relocation or early termination fees.
  17. Minimum total cost over 1. 12 or 24 months calculated as: 1, 12 or 24 × $ (Naked ADSL2+ monthly access fee) + set up fee (if applicable). Modem + $12.95 P/H fee (if required) and any VoIP Service selected will be extra.

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